Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk

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The Oakley CF Making🤔

Oakley S/S Lee Jong Suk Photoshoot Site Sketch [Model: Lee Jong Suk]

Oakley, which is famous for sports sunglasses, is planning to shave off fashion sunglasses.

This Oakley model is Lee Jong Suk for men and Park Soo-jin for women who are famous for eating shows these days.

Please look forward to the photoshoot that these two will create The shoot that started in the morning…

The preparation process was a bit complicated, but we finished filming earlier than we thought.

Starting from early in the morning to set up 5 kinds of background paper, I cut the background paper and put it on the wooden board, finished the lighting test, set up various equipment, and started filming at 12 o’clock.

Fortunately, the catering company prepared food that’s worth eating and filmed with Chomuk in his mouth ^^ This is the set. (If you’re curious about the set, I’m posting it.